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= Ricco app second edition! =Ricco2 is an application that you can collage photos with cute frame and stamp illustrator Ricco. Was designed. Choose a background (photo), and with the frame, and round and round turn the stamp, you can play it put Petapeta in favorite size!
Ricco app was released in 2010, won first place in the AppStore entertainment fee department. A large number of media as recommended app, we picked up the blog, is downloaded to the user around the world, I received a lot of messages. Thank you very much.This time, upon realizing the improvement of the application, that the artist himself and believes that want to enjoy easy to use a more Ricco app user of everyone, and to reflect as much as possible the voice of the user of everyone for the, to implement a further twist want to be thought that, although it was sometimes necessary is a fundamental reworking rather than the version up, and the opportunity that can be realized, and has led to am allowed to produce and release as Ricco2.It is not possible to reflect all the opinions that we receive is also relationship of budget, but I think that is pretty easy to use compared to the previous work is getting better. In Ricco2 that became new, Please enjoy the world of illustrator Ricco.!- Ricco2 production team -
= Additional from previous work function =• I pasted the frame to photo• Supports horizontal photo• stamp Undo function• improvement of stamp deletion method (you can erase in stamp length Press)• temporary storage of the work screen, add a call function• stamp bulk delete function, all the delete function Add• UI, improvement of screen transition• improvement of the stamp resolution• improvement of stamp operability• Add a scaling function of photo
= The newly written! New stamps and frame design =• stamp 272 • frame 31
* This app will recommend that you download under Wifi environment for capacity is large.* Installation limit the number of stamp is 16 children.* Temporary storage of the screen, you can save a call feature is only one. Please note that the temporary storage contents Dropping the app disappear.

= February 18, 2013 postscript =
◆ when downloading or "Error 498", if that settled Even though it is in a state that can not be downloaded, the following possibilities will be considered.
For · Ricco2 capacity of app is as large as 47MB, exchange does not work between Google Play and your terminal· Contact your free capacity of the cache of the terminal is notCan not respond to, your terminal
◆ countermeasures- Log in to your Google Wallet account, credit card information, make sure that you have the latest.· Google Play I will erase the apps and both cache and data of the download manager. To do so, follow these steps.Press the MENU key, and then tap Settings> Applications> Manage applications].I tap the All tab.Select the Google Play app, [to erase the data, and then tap Clear Cache].Then, select the Download Manager], [to erase the data, and then tap Clear Cache].And capacity in order to install the app on the mobile terminal or tablet is to make sure that there is enough.· Wifi environment, such as communication, please perform the download in a stable location.· You must restart the mobile terminal, and then try to download the app again.· In addition, remove the Google Play, it seems there is a case to go well when you download from the Android Market.
If that does not work in the above method, there is a possibility that Ricco2 app is not fully compatible with your terminal.In that case, because we will refund,Very trouble ....,
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Please contact us the way, thank you.